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      Liaoning Xinfeng Industrial CO., Ltd. , is a large DI Fittings manufacture company which was invested 500 million yuan by China well-known enterprise Xinfeng Pipe Fittings. specializing in manufacturing ductile iron fittings over 20 years, Adjacent to Yingkou Port and China important expressway, only 170 kilometers to Dalian Port, geographical advantage is obvious. With annual design capacity 50,000 tons, Xinfeng Industrial has become the largest DI Fittings base in Asia. We have three 10000-ton vacuum lost foam casting lines and one 20000-ton sand casting line which can manufacture fittings from DN80mm to DN2600mm with Tyton joint(push-on), K joint, K2 joint, N1 joint, N2 joint, flange joint, mechanical joint according to ISO2531, BS EN545, BS EN598, AWWA C153, AWWAC110 standard. Except for fittings, we also manufacture municipal manhole, inspection wells, fire hydrant ,valve gate, etc. So far, our products have covered 31 domestic regions and more than 40 countries (the USA, Europe, Japan, Mid East, Southeast Asia)who has received high reputation for high quality products and excellent service.

      In the future, Xinfeng will insist on’Creating value for clients, winning respect for Xinfeng’, rely on advanced equipment and scientific management to achieve excellent quality, short delivery, and better after-sale service for our clients and return to society.

      Sponsor : SME Park,Xianrendao Energy &Chemical Industry Xone,Yingkou City,Liaoning Province,P.R.china Copyright : Yingkou window
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